What role does your Logo play in your Branding Strategy?

Jul 05

Though logo may not be the only component of your branding strategy, it certainly is a very critical component. Logo assumes a lot of importance in brand building because logo is an impactful visual representation. As a rule, people find it easier to remember a visual image rather than the name of a company or a marketing message.

Before embarking on the process of logo creation, try to evolve and put in place your brand strategy. The prime mission of your logo is to reflect the values, objectives and the business philosophy of your company. Make it a point to effectively convey all these pertinent information to your logo designer.

Your logo design must look not only appealing but also truly professional for it to help your branding strategy. Your logo must have a strong relevance to your brand if you want your branding strategy to succeed.

The ability to remain distinct and the ability to be remembered easily by prospects is indeed an essential factor in branding strategy. A company’s logo remarkably fulfills both the criteria. Logo is a visual symbol that can provide your customers with instant brand recognition of your business and the products that you market.

All your sales promotion materials including your brochure, pamphlets, trade ads, website, social media channels, signage and business stationery should carry you logo. This is absolutely necessary as your logo must receive utmost publicity if you want your customers to remember your logo and identify it with your brand.

Marketing experts recommend that your entire branding strategy should revolve around your logo. As your logo becomes increasingly familiar to your customers and prospects, your brand awareness will grow. Succinctly stated, the logo is the essence and the visual face of what your brand represents.

In view of the pivotal role a logo plays in branding strategy, you must accord your logo creation all the care and attention it deserves.  Do not design your logo using some online easy-do-it yourself methods and make the logo look cheap and forgetful. Creating a logo calls for deep understanding of your business culture and values and highly specialized creativity and skills.

When a logo is aesthetically designed and attention-grabbing, its value to brand owners becomes high. Logos that are instantly recognized and easily understood can lend tremendous support for your branding efforts. Logos may be best defined as a visual image of a company’s mission and vision and the cornerstone of its branding strategy.

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