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Inventory and Accounting

1. What is Front Accounting ?

Front Accounting is a simple and powerful web based accounting system with multilingual and multicurrency features which is developed by PHP, using MySQL.
Inventory & Accounting

2. Features:

  • FA is written in object oriented (OO) PHP language.
  • FA is running well on a Linux Server with an Apache Webserver, PHP and MySQL.
  • FA is PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatible and should run on MySQL 4.0 - 5.X.X Server
  • Sort able database paging in inquiries with many records.
  • Automatic install of menu extensions from inside FA.
  • Discrete display of users on-line in footers.

3. Areas of Use:

  • Sales (accounts receivable)
  • Purchase (accounts payable)
  • Items and inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Dimensions
  • Bank
  • General ledger
  • Reports
  • Access levels and adaptation
  • Advanced GST (VAT) handling
  • Full currency support
  • Several languages are ready